Belkin WeMo Insight Smart Plug

The home is removing smarter, and while appliances, TVs, and some-more are all removing internet connectivity built right in, some things that are built into your home need adapters to benefit a bit some-more intelligence. Like, for example, appetite outlets.

There are a ton of intelligent appetite outlets out there, yet to date Belkin’s WeMo operation has mostly been deliberate among a best. Now, a association is behind with a new further to a Belkin WeMo lineup – a revamped Belkin WeMo Insight. 

But what creates a $45 (£49, AU$69) Insight opposite from Belkin’s other switches? Well, for starters, it’s directed during charity most improved appetite expenditure tracking. But does that make it value a cash? We put it to a test.

Design and setup

The initial thing you’ll notice about a device is a design. For starters, it’s a tiny bigger than it looks in a cinema – and that competence be an emanate for some. We found that in a vertically-aligned twin appetite opening it lonesome a tip opening if placed on a bottom, yet it doesn’t cover a bottom if placed on a top. That could be issue, generally for those that wish to supplement smarts to all a outlets in their home.

That doesn’t meant it’s a badly designed device – it looks utterly good for what it is. 

On a top, you’ll find a touch-sensitive appetite button, along with a tiny reset button, and a MicroUSB port. We have positively no thought what a MicroUSB pier is for. The instructions don’t anxiety it, and acid online seems to advise that Belkin put it there in hopes of anticipating a use for it later. Hopefully they’ll find a use for it before MicroUSB as a customary gets totally transposed with USB-C. 

Apart from that and a WeMo trademark on a front, it’s a flattering plain, and pointed device. We like that. While we competence wish to pull courtesy to inclination like your intelligent TV, we doubt there are many people out there that devise on display off their intelligent appetite outlet.

Setting adult a switch is flattering easy, yet a app itself isn’t good during assisting we figure out how to do it. Using a instruction label in a box, you’ll figure out that we need to block a switch in and bond to a possess Wi-Fi network before even opening a app – after that a app will ask for your home network and password. We wish a app in ubiquitous were a tiny improved designed – yet we’ll get into that later.

In general, a Belkin WeMo Insight switch is morally designed. We’re looking brazen to a day that intelligent switches are smaller, and when it’s easier to handle them in to an opening but, until then, a Insight isn’t a bad option.

App and bland use

After environment adult a device, we substantially won’t need to use a device itself all that much. It’s from a app that you’ll do a infancy of a work here. Unfortunately, a app needs a lot of work.

Sure, it’s good adequate during permitting we to spin on or off inclination from a home screen, and if that’s all we wish to do afterwards a badly designed app competence not matter to you. It’s a deeper facilities that are lacking here. 

For starters, it’s nearby unfit to mislay a device from a app. We’ve reviewed a few WeMo switches in a time, and one of them we’re not now regulating – yet there’s simply no choice to mislay it from a app. Searching online, we found that it was apparently probable to have a device private if we invalidate afterwards re-enable remote access, yet that didn’t work for us. That would be bad enough, yet it’s unfit to set adult automation, or rules, yet a latest firmware updates on all devices. In other words, to set adult manners with a Insight, we indispensable to find that aged WeMo Mini, block it in and refurbish a firmware – when we don’t even wish to use it.

Still, there are some saving features. For example, being means to lane your appetite use by a app is a flattering cold feature, and a fact that it estimates how most you’ve spend in appetite on that device is cold too.

Automation in a Belkin WeMo app isn’t bad, yet it’s a tiny basic. You’ll be means to do things like report your switches to spin on or off, and that can work formed on your Nest thermostats home or divided modes, a time of day, and so on.

Perhaps a best thing about a app, is that it allows we to confederate with other services. Out of a box, you’ll be means to bond your WeMo Insight to IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant. While a Insight doesn’t strictly work with Samsung SmartThings, it still connected usually fine. The usually use blank here is Apple HomeKit, yet it’ll bond to HomeKit if we buy a WeMo Bridge.

Safe to say, a WeMo app isn’t a sum pleasure to use. If you’re formulation on joining your WeMo inclination to other services, afterwards we competence never have to use a app solely to set adult a device … though, it doesn’t seem probable to see appetite use information yet a app.


The Belkin WeMo Insight is a neat tiny device. We like that it shows appetite use, and a pattern isn’t all that bad either. On tip of that, a device connects with a flattering estimable operation of intelligent home services, that is crucial. Unfortunately, though, a app is a genuine blank couple in a whole setup. We wish to see Belkin put some serious work into revamping a app. 

Belkin does have some foe in a space. Namely, a Elgato Eve Energy switch, yet it’s a tiny some-more expensive. We consider a Belkin WeMo Insight is maybe a best energy-monitoring switch out there for a cost – generally deliberation a fact that it connects with so many intelligent home systems.

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