Best Nintendo 3DS eShop Exclusive Games to Buy Before They’re Gone Forever


The long, slow march to the great island graveyard in the sky began for the Nintendo 3dswith Nintendo announcing that the 3D-compatible handheld eShop for digital downloads will be permanently closed in March 2023. Purchases made with credit cards in-store will no longer be accepted after May 23, 2022, and the same will be the case for eShop gift cards starting August 29, 2022. And if you’re a Wii U owner, these dates also apply to the Wii U eShop, which must also be closed.

While the best of the Wii U slowly made its way to Nintendo Switch, we are releasing one for the Nintendo 3DS here in particular, as many games exclusive to that console will be lost when the store closes. There are around 1,000 eShop-exclusive titles unavailable elsewhere that will be unavailable for access (by legal means, at least) once Nintendo closes stores for good. And while many great 3DS games are available in physical cartridge form, they are increasingly rare on store shelves and online, pushing the price of ownership to collector’s item levels.


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