Call of Duty Warzone Pacific season 2: release date, new weapons and map changes


after a two weeks delay, The Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2 release date has finally arrived. The new season marks the second chapter of Activision’s battle royale and continues the story started in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Originally slated for early February, the new season of Warzone has been pushed back to February 14th.

It’s hard to believe Call of Duty Warzone is less than two years old. Since it launched in March 2020, it has changed dramatically with new regular seasons bringing major updates to the battle royale. Like the previous season’s releases, the second season of Warzone Pacific will bring new vehicles, weapons, and map changes. Additionally, the update is set to introduce new features tied to the deadly Nebula V gas that envelops players as the battle royale counts down, forcing players to get closer.


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