Canary Flex HD Security Camera

As a judgment of a intelligent home expands, some-more and some-more inclination hurl out with a guarantee to make home-living some-more accessible and safer. 

Security in sold is a marketplace that has boomed with a arise of a intelligent home, and while comparison companies are solemnly yet certainly adopting smarter tech in their products, new companies, like Canary, have also popped up. 

One of a company’s latest inclination is called a Canary Flex, and it promises to make home confidence cameras both smarter and some-more portable. But does it grasp that? And, if so, does that make it value buying? (Yes, and arrange of.) 


The $199/£199 (around AU$250) Canary Flex is a small smaller than Canary’s other products. The categorical camera section fits snugly in your palm, and comes in dual opposite colors – possibly black or white. 

We’re reviewing a black version, that facilities a silken row on a front with a camera sensor during a top, a suit detector in a middle, and a spin symbol during a bottom. Around that button, depending on a camera’s mode, you’ll find a light-up ring that replaces a bottom-facing ring on Canary’s other devices.

Speaking of a camera sensor, it supports picture constraint of 1080p, and has night vision, a 116-degree wide-angle lens, and suit detection. 

On a behind of a camera can be found a captivating charging port, as good as a energy symbol towards a bottom.

The camera also comes with a removable captivating base, that attaches strongly to a camera unit, and allows we to change a angle and positioning of a camera. It works utterly well, and fundamentally allows we to mountain a camera to walls, put it during an angle, and so on. The bottom can also screw into a wall, after that you’ll simply detach a camera to assign it when it runs out of battery. 

The battery itself comes in during 6,700mAh, that should extend it adult to 2 months of use, if we spin suit showing off. With suit detection, Canary says that a camera competence usually final around a week or so, if we record constantly. Safe to say, it’s value while environment adult modes so a camera isn’t recording when it doesn’t need to. 

The camera also offers a few other features. On a tip can be found a orator grill, that comes in accessible for two-way audio and for sounding an alarm, while on a bottom you’ll find a screw-hole for ascent a camera to a tripod or another form of bass, if we so choose.

Overall, we unequivocally like a pattern of a camera. The captivating charging pier works same to Apple’s MagSafe, and a captivating bottom creates attaching and detaching a camera, for charging for example, unequivocally easy. It’s also well-designed for both indoor and outward use. Canary says that a camera is “weatherproof,” yet we suggest putting a camera clandestine if a outward deliberation a IP65 rating – that usually grants it insurance from “water projected by a nozzle.” In other words, it’ll do excellent with many rain, yet H2O overkill competence finish adult deleterious a camera.

Setting adult a camera is also utterly easy. Simply download and open a app, spin a camera on, and follow a on-screen instructions. 

App and day-to-day use

After environment adult a camera itself, it’s expected you’ll flattering many singly correlate with a camera by a software. It’s accessible for both iOS and Android, and we found it was generally flattering easy to use.

After it’s adult and running, you’ll be means to do things like guard your timeline, trigger two-way audio, and so on. There are also some somewhat smarter facilities – like a ability to set adult “masks” or suit zones. When those zones are set up, we can configure a app to not forewarn we of suit – that can assistance equivocate lots of nonessential notifications.

The app’s categorical interface shows all we would need during a glance. If any of your cameras are on and recording, we can see live feeds of what they’re seeing, and we can change a mode your cameras are in. Pull adult a add-on during a bottom of a interface, and you’ll also be means to see a timeline of events, that includes suit detection, firmware updates, and more. Events can be filtered too – so if we usually wish to see events that take place when a camera is “Away Mode,” it’s easy to do so.

The app also allows we to tweak a series of settings. You can change things like a attraction of a camera’s suit detector, a forms of notifications we wish a app to send you, if we wish a camera to automatically switch modes when we leave a house, a range of your geofence, and so on. It’s a good slew of settings, and while it competence take a small digging to find them all, once we get used to a app regulating it should be comparatively easy.

In general, we like a approach a app was set adult and how it worked. Geofencing seemed to work as we would have wanted, and while there were a few times when a app took a few seconds to commend we were home, it wasn’t unequivocally a large emanate that persisted frequently. 

Subscription costs

As is a box with many intelligent confidence cameras, we will have to compensate for cloud storage – and that competence be a deal-breaker for some. Moreover, one of a biggest downsides of this camera is that many of a best facilities don’t unequivocally work yet a subscription. For starters, you’ll need a subscription to see a 30-day video history, and occurrence support. (The subscription costs $9.99 per month, yet we can compensate for a year’s value for $99.99.)

Those things make clarity though. What doesn’t make clarity is that yet a subscription, we can’t use two-way audio. That’s flattering dumb. Canary is tying a hardware of a device that we purchased, simply formed on possibly we have a subscription or not. We’re not cold with that.

Still, thankfully, yet a subscription we can still see a 24-hour timeline, so yet one a camera isn’t totally useless. 

Smart Home integration

We live in an age where a home is removing increasingly smart, so you’ll wish to consider about a intelligent home standards that a camera works with. Thankfully, it works with utterly a few. 

Canary works with Alexa and Google Assistant, yet they work by a Canary-built assistant. That’s to say, you’ll bond Assistant or Alexa to an Action or Skill that can control Canary’s confidence cameras. The device also works by Wink, and we can control it by an IFTTT channel – that are unequivocally good additions.

Unfortunately, though, when we bond Assistant or Alexa to your Canary camera, there’s not all that many we can do with it. You can ask it how many battery your device has, and we can ask who’s home, that is unequivocally usually useful if a Flex is located inside. We would have favourite to be means to do things like change modes by Assistant or Alexa.

The biggest blank underline here is Apple HomeKit, yet Canary has pronounced that it’ll eventually support it by Canary Plus. 

Overall, notwithstanding a limitations, Canary has transparent put some bid into assisting a cameras work with a rest of your intelligent home. 


The Canary Flex is a flattering good camera. It’s well-designed, offers a decent picture quality, and works good both inside and outward a house. 

It’s not perfect, though. It creates clarity that we would need a subscription to clear some features, like 30-day cloud storage, yet it does not make clarity to us that we need a subscription to capacitate two-way audio. Some will be prepared to compensate for a subscription, yet if that’s not we we suggest branch elsewhere.

That said, is there a improved choice out there? There are a few outward cameras on a market, yet generally vocalization they’re a small some-more costly than a Canary Flex. The Nest Cam Outdoor is maybe a camera’s biggest competitor, yet it’s not as versatile as a Flex, and many mostly a small some-more expensive. Where a Nest shines is in formation with Google Assistant and a ever-growing “works with Nest” ecosystem – but, if we don’t caring about possibly of those things, afterwards we consider a Canary Flex is a improved option. 

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