Canary View Smart HD Security Camera

Security cameras were one of a initial inclination to benefit comprehension when a judgment of a intelligent home initial started gaining steam. These days, users have entrance to a operation of super intelligent confidence cameras, arguably led by a Nest Cam IQ, a Google Assistant-enabled camera that automatically switches on and off when we leave and come home.

Although Nest (a association now owned by Alphabet) is heading a charge, that’s not interlude a foe from rising some flattering good products of their own. 

Canary was one of a initial companies to launch a intelligent confidence camera, that was simply called a Canary camera. Fast brazen a few years and today a lineup has stretched a tiny to embody both improved cameras, and some-more affordable cameras — like a $99 (around £70, AU$130) Canary View.

So, is Canary’s latest intelligent camera value a scanty entrance fee? There’s positively some flattering unbending foe in that cost operation and while we like a View, it’s distant from flawless. Here’s what it was like to use one in a possess home.


The initial thing you’ll notice about a Canary View is a design, and if you’re informed with Canary’s product operation you’ll immediately commend it: The View looks roughly accurately like a strange Canary camera, and a flagship Canary all-in-one, save for a grey tone scheme. That’s not a bad thing, though. 

The camera looks like a camera, yet a grey colors will assistance it mix in on a shelf flattering easily. The cylindrical pattern creates a device looks kind of like a uncanny Amazon Echo – yet again, that’s not indispensably a bad thing. 

The camera is indeed utterly a bit lighter than it looks. When we collect it up, it competence feel a bit inexpensive or groundless – yet in a finish we substantially won’t be relocating your confidence camera around most so it competence not matter. Because of a approach a camera is built, it can usually unequivocally be placed on prosaic surfaces. If you’re looking for something to mountain to a wall or something like that, a Canary Flex competence improved offer your purposes.

In general, a camera looks flattering basic. On a front, you’ll find a camera sensor itself, while a behind is where you’ll get a microUSB pier for powering a device. Unlike a Canary all-in-one device, we won’t find an Ethernet port, so you’ll wish to make certain that your Wi-Fi tie is quick enough. 

On a top, we can find speakers for things like a alarm and for two-way audio, while on a bottom is a light ring that tells we a standing of a camera. You’ll see a white light right when you’re examination activity live by a app, for example. 

The camera lens itself comes in with a fortitude of 1,080p and a 147-degrees field-of-view, and, during slightest on a phone display, it looks flattering good. That’s a aloft fortitude than many other options in this cost range, and helps safeguard that you’ll be means to see a sum when we need to. The camera also has night prophesy – as we would pattern from a confidence camera in 2018. 

In a box, we won’t get most … nonetheless we don’t need much, either. Inside you’ll find a camera itself, along with a microUSB wire and a block to block that wire in. 

App pattern and day-to-day use

Of course, regulating a Canary View isn’t usually about a hardware. In fact, once you’ve set adult a hardware you’ll unequivocally usually correlate with a device’s program – a Canary app that is accessible for both Android and iOS, and works flattering well.

Once you’ve set adult a device, you’ll be means to guard your home, trigger two-way audio by a camera, and set adult “masks,” or zones where a camera won’t forewarn we if it detects motion. That could be handy, for example, if we have a fish bowl. Simply “mask” a fish bowl, and we won’t be told each time your fish moves.

The categorical interface of a app fundamentally shows any live feeds we have running, if your camera is on, as good as a ability to change your home’s mode. You can also lift adult from a bottom of a interface to uncover a timeline of events, that includes suit detected, firmware updates, and so on. Events can be separate adult into 3 forms : “All Events,” “Away Events,” that shows events that take place when your camera is set to “Away” mode, and “Bookmarked Events.”

When we dive into a app’s settings, you’ll get a operation of features. For starters, you’ll be means to change a attraction of a suit sensor, as good as tell a app to send we notifications when people come and go, and when a device disconnects from Wi-Fi. You can also confirm possibly we wish your camera to automatically switch modes when we come and go, and we can set night mode to automatically flog in during a certain time. 

Apart from that, a app flattering most does what we would pattern it to do. We found that a geofencing facilities seemed to work fine, and when set to a divided mode it was easy adequate to see what was going on during home.

Subscription cost

There’s another vital underline that a app offers – and that’s handling your subscription. Unfortunately, there are utterly a few facilities that a camera doesn’t offer yet a subscription. 

With a subscription, you’ll get a 30-day video story and occurrence support – dual facilities that make clarity when we compensate extra. What doesn’t make clarity is that Canary boundary a camera’s hardware if we don’t have a subscription. Without one, we won’t get two-way audio, and we consider that’s flattering ridiculous. Last yet not least, with a subscription you’ll get entrance to a web app. 

Thankfully, even if we don’t have a subscription, we can still get 24-hour timeline events, so a device isn’t completely invalid yet one. The subscription costs $9.99 per month, or if we compensate for a year adult front you’ll get it for $99.99.

Smart Home Compatibility 

We’re vital in an increasingly connected world, and while Canary’s inclination don’t work with as many intelligent home systems as we competence have liked, they’re concordant with some of a large ones. 

For starters, Canary will work with Google Assistant – yet not natively. That’s to say, Google Assistant itself can’t control your confidence cameras, yet we can bond Assistant to an Action that can. If you’re not tied into a Assistant ecosphere, a device also connects to Amazon Alexa, yet with a same limitation. It can also bond to Wink and it has an IFTTT channel, that are both good additions.

Once connected, we can’t unequivocally do all that most with a Canary View by Assistant or Alexa. You can ask Assistant or Alexa who’s home, and that’s about it. With other Canary cameras, we can get some-more information – mostly since they offer facilities like heat and steam sensors. 

In general, a connectivity on offer is flattering decent here. Support for Apple’s HomeKit is a large blank underline here, and if we had to nit-pick Samsung SmartThings would be good too. Still, Alexa, Assistant, Wink, and IFTTT is a flattering good preference of intelligent home support – even if it’s not all that strong of a system.


The Canary View is a good confidence camera, yet don’t be fooled by a low cost tab – to unequivocally clear a full capabilities of this device, you’ll need to cause in possibly $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. That’s no tiny fee, yet some will find it value it. 

With Assistant, Alexa, Wink, and IFTTT compatibility, a camera is flattering good during operative with a operation of intelligent home systems, and for a cost it does so with pretty high quality. 

But is there a improved choice out there for a price? Maybe. But maybe not. 

Other cameras in a sub-$100 range, like a Zmodo Pivot, don’t offer cloud storage during all, nor do they correlate with a rest of your intelligent home really well. Ultimately, given a stream landscape of bill confidence cameras right now, we consider a Canary View is a best confidence camera underneath $100. 

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