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In the current era of massive budget AAA games featuring vast, deep worlds and intricate gaming systems, it’s difficult to find a game built only on fashion. A lot of games are choosing to create worlds that are bursting with massive complex, intricate game systems that look odd in their huge worlds rather than picking a design and innovating.

Trek to Yomi It’s one the rare instances of an game that doesn’t aim to entice its players into a extended story that drags for hours and provides a neat, focused campaign that’s perfect to showcase the game’s aesthetic roots. And, it’s an extremely stunning games I’ve played.

Trek To Yomi is an tribute to Japanese cinema. The stunning, intricate environment that is designed to amaze and completely immerse you instead of overwhelm you with a savage backdrop to its classic Samurai story. The visuals are more exciting than anything else in an open world and it’s all due to the visuals.

Trek To Yomi is set in black and white and even though it’s an 2D action game that is played by gameplay, the environment is a quaint living-in, authentic feel that enhances the experience while playing. The scenes are set in a stunning Japanese village and the first game set against stunning landscapes of village markets and fields. It’s during the mid- to the late phases of the game however it’s when the real beauty is revealed. The flaming villages and duels are with lightning strikes set against falling buildings, and soaring through an arrow field that is flaming.

Trek To Yomi really is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to fashion The real value lies in the finer details. The backgrounds of each sequence within Trek To Yomi are incredibly precise, with each scene and location being exquisitely decorated and beautifully rendered in stunning both black and white. The dark blacks and the bright whites really enhance the overall feel the film Trek To Yomi, as it enhances the grainy old-fashioned film aesthetics as well as it makes the “colour” clearly present in the world. If a world that is so detailed is shown in different shades of black and white it truly allows the imagination to make a variety of hues that best fits the gameplay.

The aesthetics of the vintage film-like feel to Trek To Yomi is at the center of the game. The game has an aspect ratio that is slightly smaller and gives the game the exact same aspect ratio as like, say the film. It also has a continuous heavy movie grain look. Film grain is a feature that can be a real irritant to the gameplay experience of contemporary games because their graphic design is highly realistic, and film grain often destroys or shatters the game. However, in this case film grain is utilized effectively and never gets out of the way or alters any crucial moment. It’s so effective that it becomes a part of the game and can cover up several of the game’s less appealing graphic elements, including the slightly animated facial animations that are waxy.

Really I could go on about the look of this game for hours. It’s just amazing, but after the honeymoon period, we have to be able to move beyond the surface stage and look at the game in all its aspects. It’s a pity as if the overall game were as stunning as the graphics I’d be content to give the game five out of 5 stars. However, it’s an a bit shallow in certain ways.

Beginning with combat, exploring and solving puzzles, Trek To Yomi is actually an extremely basic game. Combat is enjoyable at first, but difficult to become familiar with once you understand how it functions. Being an 2D action game is beneficial by many different ways however it restricts the gameplay to a single-dimensional. Once you’ve got the basics down, there’s nothing else to do but fight bosses that can take your life except if you hurry.

Trek To Yomi’s combat system is based on reaction, every block and party can counter-attacks are based on reaction are effective to the greatest extent. There are a few situations however, where if you start attacking first it is not possible for the opponent to be defeated. A single combo is sufficient to defeat the majority of the enemies in the game. This is a great way to increase the authenticity, but it does leave a dull, simple flavor to the battles in this game. This is a minor issue because the remainder of the game is amazing, and you’ll want to not skip it all due to the fact that the combat is somewhat superficial.

The story element isn’t as crucial as it is in other. Rarely do I come into a game in which it’s possible to justify downloading just to experience it, however Trek To Yomi fits this category. The story might not be the most deep or complex however it’s sufficient to be a good fit for the small amount of time Trek To Yomi will take players to complete. The game runs about five hours in length, so it doesn’t have to tell an epic epic story that is incredibly long but just enough to keep you engaged throughout the game and experience all the features it can offer. I think that a lot of games could learn of their lessons from Trek To Yomi (looking at you, Dying Light 2) in that the story isn’t all that important in your game. It will only become more important as the gameplay itself becomes vast and full of details that a story is required to fill in the gap.

Trek To Yomi is in the perfect spot of being a story-based game while making significant advancements in its design and graphics so that it doesn’t seem be as significant as it could be for a huge thirty-hour open world experience.

In general, and more so, since Trek To Yomi is available on Game Pass on day one I’d recommend downloading the game just to play it. It’s a blast to play and experience the old-fashioned movie style of presentation as well as the soundtrack. It’s amazing to battle with a rival with the flickering flames an exploding pagoda, but more importantly, it’s amazing to get lost in this unique and thrilling experience. Trek To Yomi takes some risky decisions in terms of style, but each one is worth it as a whole package, it’s an incredible game to play. It’s worth downloading even if it’s not on Game Pass, just to take a look.

It might be a bit shorter, and the gameplay is boring However, Trek To Yomi is a game that stands out from the rest and will be more rare in 2022.


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