Check These Tips To Celebrate Anniversary Cruises


No matter if you’re celebrating your 1st anniversary, or 15th, or 50th with your spouse wedding anniversary cruises are the perfect way to celebrate the time spent together and look ahead to the future. The ideas for celebrating at an anniversary cruise can be as diverse as the people on them: go all-out and become the focal point, spend some quiet time with your family members or take a break.

Cruise Critic has come up with eight ideas to help to celebrate your wedding anniversary on an elegant cruise.

1. Renew Your Vows

The best way of saying you’d like to do it and over again than to do it over and over. Many cruise lines, such as Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess and Royal Caribbean (among numerous other lines) provide vow renewal packages at an additional cost. Apart from the ceremony for renewal of vows The cost could include things like sparkling wines and flowers, as well as photography services (though in the majority of cases, prints are charged additional) and a cake and food in the cabin. Certain lines allow couples to expand their vow renewal party by providing space for guests as well as an open bar and food.

2. Decorate

If you want people to be aware of an anniversary trip, let your message with balloons, banners , or door signs. Many cruise lines provide various romantic or anniversary decor package, or you can go to the dollar store prior to your cruise to buy your personal decorations. (Just be sure to read the rules of your cruise line regarding decorating with adhesive first!)

3. Splurge on a Suite

One method that you can make the anniversary cruise more memorable is to upgrade to a luxurious cabin that you’d normally pay for. An suite with the cruise line that offers guests in the suite a variety of amenities, creates an experience that will be unforgettable. Make sure you inform your cabin stewards or butlers that you’re celebrating your anniversary (especially when it’s an anniversary that’s significant) and you might be surprised by a few nice surprises in the room in your honor (think chocolate-dipped strawberries, desserts and a corresponding towel animal).

4. Plan “Just the Two of You” Experiences

If you’ve booked a trip for your anniversary it’s likely that you want to spend time with your partner. Cruise ships typically offer numerous options couples can have an intimate time together, beyond relaxing in their cabin. Couples massages and private cabanas are among the most frequent services you’ll find at cruise ship. Azamara exceeds expectations in terms of exclusive and romantic occasions with nights in private Places. The event is available once per night for a cost the Nights In Private Places is held on a private terrace that includes an ayurvedic pool and an evening bed with sheets to sleep under the stars. A personal butler is in charge of serving of Champagne and the delivery of canapes, and also oversees the romantic candle-lit dinner. After dinner the butler is left with the couple on their own until the next morning, when a lavish breakfast is served for two.

5. Share a Romantic Dinner

If you’re celebrating the day of your anniversary (or even in the event that you’re not! ) you might want to consider having an intimate dinner for two on the day you’re celebrating. There are a variety of options on how to accomplish this. The easiest option is to leave the main dining space and spend your money at an intimate speciality restaurants that have a romantic atmosphere. You can also bring an assortment of battery-operated tea lights , along with white tablecloth (or an outdoor blanket should you have sufficient for a floor in your room) and then make room service reservations and plan the perfect romantic dinner for two at your room. A romantic options that are available is Princess the ultimate dining on the balcony experience comes with a white tablecloth and the waiter-served dining experience on your own balcony.

6. Schedule a Portrait Session

After all is said and done and you’re done, one of the best methods to remember the cruise you took on your anniversary is through photos. Bring your camera along and capture the experience yourself or use the numerous opportunities to have professional photographers take your photos with a variety of scenic backdrops. If you’re looking for something truly unique, you should make an appointment with an ship photographer for an exclusive photo shoot or even some cruise lines permit you to engage a photographer who will follow your travels on excursions or for a whole day. After the cruise, you’ll be left with beautiful, printed photos to keep in at home or in your office.

7. Bring the Gang

A couple-only cruise can be the best way to celebrate an anniversary However, it can be enjoyable to have the whole family along, particularly when you reach milestones such as the 25th or 50th anniversary. Bring your children, your siblings, their children as well as grandkids, and you’ll be able to keep the party that will last all day. It’s true that, of course, you will not spend the entire day with your family, which is part of the reason cruises are so popular for large groups. At the conclusion of your trip, however, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell those who matter the most to your heart -as well as being noticed because everyone is on board to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

8. Revisit Your Honeymoon (or Wedding)

If you’ve honeymooned (or were married in a destination) in a place that was visited by cruise ship vessels, think about choosing an itinerary that revisits the same location to commemorate an anniversary cruise. Perhaps you could even snap photos in the same place to create a stunning prior to and following. A word of caution Make this not the sole way to commemorate your wedding because the cruise line’s itinerary may be changed at any time and there’s always the chance that you’ll miss the port you had been relying on.


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