Cruise Muster Station and Muster Drill: What Are They?


The term “muster” means the act of gathering, which is exactly what crew and passengers take part in during the mandatory safety briefing at the beginning of every cruise known as”a muster drill..

According to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, every passenger vessel must be equipped with a muster drill for cruises for the initial 24 hours of the journey. The drill is a simulation of a naval emergency, which allows passengers to become familiar with the sounds of the alarm and also to be aware of the information they’ll need be aware of in order to remain secure in the situation of an emergency sea.

Each ship has designated muster stations that are designated as meeting locations for passengers in the event of an emergency, usually in the open decks of the lifeboats. They’re usually arranged by the proximity of cabins The crew also keeps the list of names that are assigned to a muster station, so that they can conduct a roll call and ensure that all passengers are accounted for. Muster drills for cruise ships usually will require passengers to meet in their designated muster station (designated by the safety sign inside your cabin) However, on mega-ships, passengers could be able to gather in larger areas like the theater, which could be able to accommodate more students for training.

When the exercise is conducted the emergency siren will be sounded and the participants can get with the sound. The crew and captain of the ship will explain safety protocols and will also point out the locations of life jackets and how to put on them swiftly. (Passengers frequently have to take their own life vests and safety gear to the drill, and wear them once they are there.) The crew members also outline the best escape routes in the event individuals need to get off the vessel in a crisis situation.

Every person, even children must be present for the muster drill, regardless when you’ve been on the same vessel or cruise line before. The passengers should remain quiet and follow the instructions during the drillso that everyone can be able to hear the safety instruction.

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