DIE: 1983

Dying 1983 is the new adventure of the Dying franchise. In this first-person puzzle game, Dying 1983, you control the protagonist to freely explore the 3D scenes, using a variety of props gathered to solve one puzzle after another, ultimately revealing the hidden truth behind to explore the screens. The game retains the acclaimed puzzle gameplay of its predecessor, with three times as many puzzles. Hundreds of strange items have been added to take the exploration experience a huge leap forward. The text of the script is five times larger than its predecessor, and the story and performances have been vastly improved so that the iconic character of the series, Fishhead, will appear in a more unexpected form this time!

Burak Bilginer
Burak Bilginer bir bilgisayar dahisidir. Seyahat etmeyi sever ve birçok farklı ülkeye gitti. Burak, seyahat etmediği veya programlama yapmadığı zamanlarda Oyun ve Teknoloji Ürünlerinin yeni parçalarını incelemeyi sever. Oyunla ilgili herhangi bir sorunuz varsa, Burak cevaplamaktan mutluluk duyacaktır!