Does Apple sell your data? Does Apple sell your data like Google, or to third parties? These are some of the common Google queries. It is completely justified if you want to know how Apple uses your data, and I think we have a somewhat complicated answer to this question.

I’ll divide this article here into two segments. One will talk about what data Apple collects your data vs Google, and the other will be about how Apple uses your data. A combination of both these segments is the answer to ‘does Apple share your data?’

Yes, Apple Collects Your Data

DataCollected By AppleCollected By Google
Email addressYesYes
Devices registeredYesYes
Device serial numberYesYes
Browser typeYesYes
Contact info (including physical address)YesYes
Payment information (including bank details)YesYes
Transactional informationYesYes
App usage dataYesYes
Location informationYesYes
Health informationYesYes
Fitness informationYesYes
Financial information (includes salary, assets, etc)YesYes
Government ID dataYesYes

Just like any other big tech company, Apple also collects data from its devices and services. The company privacy policy talks about what data Apple collects. For added context, I’ll compare it to the data that Google collects when you agree to use its services.

If you go to the company website and read Apple’s privacy policy, you’ll find the kind of data collected and processed by the Cupertino giant. However, unlike Facebook and Google’s use of personal identifiers, Apple can be on a moral high horse of sorts. It isn’t because Apple is collecting less data, but because it chooses to use it differently.