Dyson Cyclone V10

It’s no tip that Dyson’s vacuums are ‘the business’ when it comes to design, portability and performance. 

With a new Dyson Cyclone V10 cord-free vacuum, a association has taken a flagship product behind to a sketch board, re-thinking a form means and enlightening a storm record to grasp stronger suction than ever before.

You can appreciate Dyson’s new V10 digital engine for that — a truly considerable attainment of engineering that’s means of 125,000 rpm (that’s over 2,000 revolutions per second), adult from 108,000 rpm on a V8.

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How assured is Dyson in a V10 cord-free vacuum? It’s so assured by a device’s sucking bravery that it’s totally stopped building corded vacuums going forward. 

That’s a flattering large call when we cruise how many corded vacuums it still sells, that during a tip includes models like a considerable Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. 

That said, this new hang opening isn’t inexpensive — You’ll be means to collect adult a Cyclone V10 in a few opposite variations, depending on where you’re situated: a US and Australia get a fine Absolute+ indication that comes with a finish set of attachments (and a nifty orange prolongation tube). That’s labelled during $699 (AU$999). 

In a UK, a fine indication with 6 additional collection is called a Dyson Cyclone V10 Total Clean, and has a red prolongation tube and cyclones. That’s labelled during £499.99.

The mid-range Animal model, that has a purple prolongation tube and cyclones, will set we behind $599 (£399 / AU$899). In a UK, a mid-range indication is a Absolute (confused yet?), that comes with an orange tube and usually 4 additional collection (probably because a name lacks a ‘+’ during a end). That’s labelled during £449.99.

Finally, a US also has an entry-level indication in a Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead, that shares a V10 Total Clean’s red trappings yet comes with fewer attachments. That indication is labelled during $499 — a same cost indicate that a Dyson V8 launched with. 

The Dyson Cyclone V10 picks adult anything we put in a path


Along with a technological advancements, a Dyson Cyclone V10 sports a series of other improvements that usually make sense. 

The initial thing you’ll notice is that a several sections are positioned in totally opposite demeanour to before V-series models. 

For instance, a V10 facilities a front-facing barrel, that all attachments now bond to directly. 

Behind a tub sits a device’s stretched storm array (with 14 chambers in total), followed by a new V10 digital engine — a smallest, and smartest, a association has ever engineered. 

In fact, it’s pronounced to be so intelligent, that it can detect variables like altitude, atmosphere vigour and heat in sequence to adjust itself accordingly for increasing efficiency. Dyson says it even knows a disproportion between a list and a floor. 

Though it produces 20% some-more suction than a V8’s motor, it’s half a distance and weighs usually 125g (0.27 pounds).

A demeanour during a engine and cyclones that energy a V10

At a unequivocally behind end, you’ll find a V10’s filter, that we can now mislay with one elementary counter-clockwise rambling motion, creation it easier to clean. An LED indicator on a bottom of a section will let we know when it’s time for a wash, too. 

Once again, Dyson’s filter is pronounced to be means of capturing 99.97% of allergens in a atmosphere — even ones as tiny as 0.3 microns in distance will not be means to shun a V10. 

With all of a several elements of a opening now organised in an in-line format, a V10 achieves a some-more approach air-flow trail than any of a predecessors, that a association says allows for many incomparable suction efficiency.

A top-down perspective of a Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+

The V10 also boasts a 40% incomparable bin ability than a V8, with a redesigned ‘point and shoot’ emptying resource that creates it so many easier to send mud and balderdash directly into a rabble receptacle or cosmetic bag. 

The one downside to carrying a front-facing bin is that you’ll now have to mislay any attachments whenever we wish to dull a device — nonetheless chances are we were already doing that anyway and never realized. 

The Dyson Cyclone V10 and a new in-line design

Opening a bin is as elementary as pulling down a red recover valve underneath a unit, that slides a whole bin down in a routine and expels any essence within. Admittedly, this cosmetic strap feels a tiny delicate, so we’re anticipating that it stands adult to steady use. 

A stretchable rubber mouth on a inside of a bin prevents roughly all mud and waste from removing into a behind of a bin, yet we’ve found that even when mud does trip past, it still get pushed out during a emptying process.

Following a trend it started with a V8, Dyson has outcast connection recover buttons from a V10, opting to place them on a accessories themselves. 

This creates it many easier to detach opening heads and prolongation tubes in one quick movement, yet it does meant that all accessories expelled before to a V8 will be incompatible.


Thanks to a new digital engine and 14-cyclone array, a Dyson Cyclone V10 sucks large time. We don’t meant that in a disastrous clarity — that’s indeed a outrageous enrich in a opening world. 

In a weeks we’ve had to put V10 by a paces, we’ve found it to perform impossibly good in flattering many any dry vacuuming unfolding — with usually a few exceptions. Thankfully, a Absolute+ indication we tested had a connection collection for any one of these scenarios. 

The Direct Drive connection is is a customary opening conduct that you’ll expected get a many bland use out of, yet a favorite apparatus has to be a Soft Roller Cleaner Head, that is means of picking adult bigger pieces of waste like pet kibble, cereal, cat spawn and more.

Crumbs chief!

Other important attachments embody a Mini Motorized Tool, that is good for vacuuming on stairs or upholstery, a forked Rigid Crevice Tool, that lets we opening low into corners and crevices, and a Flexi Crevice Tool, that facilities and extendable hose. This one’s quite useful for when we wish to opening inside cramped spaces, like a interior of a car.

As is clearly destined with hang vacuums, we did knowledge a few blockages on occasion. We found that tissues and wrappers would frequently means a V10 to jam up, with a usually resolution being a evident dismissal of pronounced obstruction. 

The Mini Motorized Tool in action

You know that combined energy we were articulate about earlier? We weren’t teasing — a Dyson Cyclone V10 is as absolute as any corded opening a association has expelled so far. 

There are 3 energy settings accessible on a V10 — low, middle and maximum. Your use of any will substantially be governed by a aspect (or stain) you’re cleaning, and how many assign your section is holding (which we can sign on a LED indicator whenever it’s in use). 

Thankfully, a V10 has a many some-more energy-dense battery than a predecessors, definition we can now opening invariably for adult to 60 mins on a lowest setting. That environment was also generally some-more than clever adequate to lift any mud we put in front of it.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal picking adult after an animal

Maximum energy offers implausible suction (we put a fingers adult to a opening conduct and were vacant by how clever it was – adequate so that we’d resolutely advise not perplexing this during home), yet unfortunately this environment will totally empty a battery after roughly 5 mins of usage. 

It’s a opinion that a V10’s middle energy setting, that will give we around 30 mins of continual usage, is a one you’ll be regulating many of a time, with a limit environment indifferent for tiny vacuuming sessions and those occasions where we have unequivocally realistic mud trapped in your runner or rugs.

The new and softened battery also means faster recharge times, holding roughly 3.5 hours to go from a totally prosaic battery to a full charge. 


The Dyson Cyclone V10 is an implausible attainment of engineering and pattern that creates roughly any other hang opening on a marketplace seem drastically defective by comparison. Occasional blockage aside, this thing is a beast.

That said, such technological enrichment comes with a large cost tag, and it’s expected that a V10 will be a tad too costly for many intensity buyers. 

Still, this is a many modernized hang opening on a marketplace by a good margin. If you’re after a cord-free opening and won’t settle for anything reduction than a best, demeanour no serve than a Dyson Cyclone V10. 

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