Dyson Pure Cool (2018)

Most atmosphere purifiers only lay in a dilemma doing, well, whatever it is atmosphere purifiers do. You don’t have to worry about anything besides spasmodic replacing a filter, and, for many people, that’s fine. But, if you’ve always wondered accurately what your atmosphere cleanser is doing, afterwards Dyson’s new Pure Cool purifying fan is for you.

Officially announced during an eventuality in New York City on Mar 6, a Dyson Pure Cool adds an LCD arrangement that can uncover we when pollutants are in a atmosphere and how your atmosphere cleanser is operative to transparent them out, along with a ton of other information. There’s a lot to empty here, so let’s dive in.

Price and recover date

In a US, a new Dyson Pure Cool fan starts during $449.99 for a shorter tabletop model, while a taller Pure Cool Tower costs $549.99. Dyson is also offered deputy filters that work with both models for $79.99.

In a UK, a Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans start during £399.99. There’s no word nonetheless on Australian pricing and recover date, nonetheless we’ll refurbish this page if we learn those details. 

Both Pure Cool atmosphere purifiers are accessible now in a US by Dyson’s website, and for pre-order now in a UK during dyson.co.uk. The fans will be accessible online and in Dyson stores in a UK commencement Mar 26.

Design and build

The Dyson Pure Cool comes in a singular white-and-silver tone scheme. Unlike prior models, there’s no lead blue option, during slightest not yet. It’s neat and a tiny futuristic, yet besides a round display, it’s flattering most matching to final year’s version.

The new Pure Cool is also accessible in dual opposite sizes. The taller Tower is designed to mount on a building with a prolonged oval-shaped fan placed on tip of a steel base. The smaller version, meant to lay on your table or a shelf in your house, facilities a round fan that’s somewhat wider and a lot shorter.

The built-in arrangement is a tiny round of LCD right during a tip of a base. It’s easy to review and navigate, nonetheless it might take a tiny time to learn what all those opposite numbers and black indeed mean.


The Dyson Pure Cool is a absolute machine. we watched it transparent out a tiny room full of fume in small seconds. It also done brief work of a handful of other pollutants in a array of tranquil demonstrations. It’s even absolute adequate to blow soap bubbles.

The arrangement also works great. It can uncover we accurately how many pollutants are in a atmosphere and refurbish a series as it works to purify a environment. If we don’t feel like regulating a shade there’s also an app for iOS and Android that creates it probable to control your atmosphere cleanser even when you’re not during home, along with an enclosed earthy remote.

Early verdict

Dyson done some good improvements with a new Pure Cool, yet if we already have a new indication there’s substantially no genuine need to upgrade. However, if you’re selling for an atmosphere cleanser and we can means to compensate a tiny extra, this looks to be a good option. 

It’s powerful, well-designed, and packaged full of cold new technology. Best of all, Dyson says it will continue to accept over-the-air updates. So we don’t have to worry that your new atmosphere cleanser will be archaic a few months after we buy it.

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