Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Weight of Departures and Reunions


The original Final Fantasy VII catapulted JRPGs into the limelight and set a new standard for expansive game worlds and emotional storytelling. Final Fantasy VII Remake pays tribute to and reinterprets its predecessor’s motives: eco-activism, classism, penance, and camaraderie (among many other key themes). We show how to re-evaluate Remake’s plot beats with the themes of departure and reunion in mind.

Square Enix plans to tell Cloud’s expansive story in parts, but because the first entry focuses solely on Midgar, Final Fantasy VII veterans can experience the original game’s introductory setting and characters in more nuanced ways. The stakes remain the same: the fallout from the Mako Reactor 1 and 5 bombings, the eventual destruction of the slums, and the sudden and terrifying return of Sephiroth. Our video essay delves into these emotional moments and seems to offer different interpretations of Remake’s key plot motivations.

There are a lot of scenes that Square Enix will have to reveal and unpack in upcoming episodes, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for Cloud and co. In other Final Fantasy VII news, today marks the 25th anniversary of the classic JRPG steampunk adventure. Apparently there are “even more new FFVII projects” planned for the future.

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