Find Out About The Other Possible Candidate For The Athletic Presidency


The political arena is beginning to shift into Athletic. According to Ricardo Barkala as potential contender for president of Athletic is joined by Inaki Arechabaleta. The 63-year old executive from Bilbao and a part of Director General of Vocento holds a degree of Economics as well as business Sciences at the Universidad Comercial de Deusto. After being entangled with the world of consulting and advisory services, he worked as the chief director at El Mundo del Pais Vasco between 1990 and 1993, and General Director of El Correo between 1994 and 2002.

Arechabaletalike Barkala is contemplating whether or whether or not to go ahead to participate in the Ibaigane elections. chair. Both names were even mentioned in the same dish prior to the time that The president of the Port publically acknowledged that he was thinking about the idea. A third plate that contained another candidate that was connected, accidentally, to Arechabaleta.


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