“Florentino is much calmer and more balanced”


Carlo AncelottiItalian coach Real Madridconfessed that he “never” thought that he could have a second chance in the white club and was confident that upon his return, he will find an “calmer and more harmonious” president due to the notion he holds with Florentino Perez as his successor for his future as the president of Real Madrid.

“I know that I coach the most prestigious soccer club around the globe. The demand is extremely large and the criticism normal. I must accept it. When Naples and Everton returned in Madrid this was a memorable experience. I didn’t think she would return someday. I love it” she admitted in “Valdan Universe”in We’ll.

The ‘Carletto’ victory over the tenth european cup, and the key objective Sergio Ramos who took the title from Atletico Madrid is the reason for his being mentioned in the second phase was announced by Zinedine Zidane.

“If you’re here, it’s due to Sergio Ramos scored the goal. It was amazing and breathtaking. I’m elated to coach the Real Madrid, not only due to the success of the 10th. It’s an experience that is unique like Milan. Milanfor myself. I feel loved by the surroundings around me by the club as well as the president.” he said.

He also admired the stature of the club’s president at the highest level. ” Florentino He has been an avid fan since the time he was a young child who runs the club and has done it extremely successfully due to the success he’s experienced was not achieved by any president. Alongside Berlusconi These are the two presidents who I will forever cherish on my mind.

“In this second phase Florentino has become more calm and balanced due to what the team was able to accomplish and also because of the vision of what the next phase of his team. This is a team that is never slowed down, you need to be able to celebrate quickly since you won’t be able to just stop at this point. It is always important to be looking ahead. There’s no sense of pride when things don’t go as planned. It’s so hard to cope with loss that it’s the team that has been the most successful” the man explained.

In the appearance of an unprofessional president he made Ancelotti as a Florentino Perez after acknowledging that there is a different type of president , as he was a member of Chelsea with Rome Abramovich. “There are presidents who are amateurs, or business directors. I prefer amateurs since they have a structure like family. I would rather work as part of families rather than within the industry.”

The joke was made by Carlo with his thoughts on what you would like to do when you leave the bench. “I would like to become a football coach at a university to study those who are thinking regarding football.” He also showed respect for criticism, which is part of his job at Real Madrid.

“I am a fan of the daily life of a club but not as a member of a national team. I like the environment with the players, practicing, prepping for games. My job isn’t sacrifice. I’m not obsessed with football. It’s my passion, however I strive to manage things in the most simple way because football is for me not complicated , and neither is the strategy. There are two aspectsto consider, defensive and attacking.”

So, you must you can defend ancelotti that he is able to “give the best” for his team “defensively that is, the organization” as opposed to the offensive game which “is creative and talent”. In addition, he said that certain things occur that he can’t impart, such as the center outside in Luka Modric before his Chelsea which brought back the team during the final European match.

“for the pass of Modric Modric, I do not have to explain anything , and I won’t be able to teach anyone else. Karim how Karim should be in the penalty area. They’ll teach me “he is a defender..

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