Gran Turismo 7’s Music Mode Might Finally Convince Me To Play A Racing Game


Gran Turismo 7 sounds like a car fanatic’s dream. It’s a love letter to the roaring engines, sleek chassis and robust floor of automobiles. Every inch of car and every meter of track will be meticulously recreated in the name of immersive simulation. You may not have one Porsche Taycanbut you can find out how it feels on the road by jumping into the virtual driver’s seat and taking a spin.

That’s my impression, at least. I’m not a racing game expert and certainly no car fanatic. While I have fond memories of tearing up streets in Need for Speed: Underground 2 and blowing up motorcycles and monster trucks in Motorstorm in the PS3’s heyday, I avoided most racing releases. The silliest titles in the genre might catch my eye, but serious racing sims often get a pass from me.


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