Horizon Forbidden West Guide – Basic Skills You Must Unlock First


Horizon Forbidden West introduces six skill trees: Hunter, Warrior, Survivor, Trapper, Infiltrator, and Machine Master. Each contains numerous skills that allow players to mold the Aloy of their liking. Whether she’s a melee-focused butt-kicker or a stealth-focused machine-hacker, there’s no wrong answer in terms of what you choose. However, it can be crippling to know where to start.

While it’s ideal to focus on maximizing one or two trees, each tree has the basic skills that every player should have, regardless of their play style. Best of all, these essential skills are inexpensive (costing a single skill point) and are among the first set of available properties, making them easily accessible.

So, before going all the way down the rabbit hole of a particular skill tree, invest the first few hours in picking out these must-have skills.


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