Horizon Forbidden West’s new machines (that we know so far)


Horizon Forbidden West’s new setting is teeming with exotic, dangerous and never-before-seen machines. We’ve already broken down the terrifying Slitherfang, and Guerrilla has revealed some additional details about previously revealed robotic creatures. But for those who haven’t kept up with the game’s terrifying new faces, here’s a handy rundown of the new machines revealed so far.


Rollerbacks resemble giant armadillos that, you guessed it, love to roll. They fold their massive bodies into spinning balls of death and hurl themselves at targets, seemingly using the flames shooting from their shell-like armor as propulsion. We’ve also seen them eject their scales like projectiles and then magnetically recall them. Plus, Rollerbacks are even capable of launching themselves into the air. The underbelly of this machine reveals several components that players can target to hopefully take out and slow down the Rollerback long enough to dismantle.


Burrowers are a basic enemy type that Guerrilla describes as the successor to the Watchers from the previous game. Resembling an otter or weasel, the Burrower is highly maneuverable and functions as a reconnaissance machine that uses its high pitched sound to stun targets and warn allies. According to their animal inspiration, Burrowers are also adept at swimming.

brush back

The wild boar-like Bristleback travels in herds and uses its tusks to dig up buried resources. Think of this as their form of grazing, as Bristlebacks provide a peaceful sight when admired from afar. Tapping the Bristleback, however, causes it to attack by combining its recovered scrap with elemental material for a powerful attack from a distance. You also don’t want to be on the wrong end of those tusks.

clamber jaw

Klamberjaws are scavengers that resemble a baboon in appearance and structure. So they are as acrobatic as they are aggressive. In addition to climbing walls, Clamberjaws have several grueling attacks. It doesn’t help that they often travel in groups, which means players have to keep their eyes on the ground and in the trees when dealing with them.


The mammoth-like Tremortusk is one of the first boss monsters to surprise players when Horizon Forbidden West was first shown. This fortress-like titan is armed with a range of heavy weapons, including cannons and highly resistant armor. Tremortusks rival Zero Dawn’s most powerful machines, the Thunderjaw and Stormbird, making it especially worrying that the human Regalla faction has captured and armed them for their own use.


Clawstriders were among Forbidden West’s first new machines, although they appeared briefly in the Horizon comic. These mechanical velociraptors are just as terrifying as their extinct counterparts and travel in packs. That means it’s probably not the one you see that hits you; it will be the Clawstrider you didn’t know was there. Clawstriders also emit a debilitating sonic “scream” that temporarily paralyzes Aloy. Clawstriders can be ridden despite their aggressive behavior, as seen in previous footage with Regalla soldiers riding on top of them to attack Aloy. That also means players can override their own Clawstrider and jump aboard. The most recent trailer for The Game Awards also revealed a fire-breathing variant.

shell snapper

We first glimpsed this majestic giant tortoise lifting its camouflaged body out of a swamp after encountering Aloy in the debut trailer. It may look miraculous, but the Shellsnapper is a combat machine that ambush those who invade its territory. It can stretch its neck to bite prey or biting turtles and also fire jets of water under pressure. There’s also a nasty shell protecting it, meaning players will need to find clever ways to knock this beast down.


Below the depths looms the Tideripper, an aquatic creature that follows the prehistoric theme of several other machines by resembling a plesiosaur. It controls the ocean and collects resources by filtering sediments from the water. While it looks relatively harmless, Tiderippers have no problem attacking Aloy in the sea or on land, for that matter.

solar wing

It is an awe-inspiring sight to see Sunwing flying over the west. The wings of this pterosaur-like machine are made up of flexible, sun-absorbing panels, presumably to propel itself. Guerrilla has previously stated that Sunwings are vulnerable when collecting solar energy, but are also more alert to threats when standing still.

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