How To Beat Godrick The Grafted – Elden Ring Boss Guide

How To Beat Godrick The Grafted – Elden Ring Boss Guide

Godrick The Grafted is the ruler of Stormveil Castle, the first ancient dungeon in Elden Ring. This obligatory boss is a demigod whose body is clothed with limbs taken from his previous victims. Despite his large size, Godrick is incredibly agile and able to use his storm summoning skills to launch into the air or whirl huge gusts of wind. During his second phase, the disgraced lord grafts a dragon’s head onto his arm and spews streams of deadly fire. Godrick is a villainous enemy, but the good news is that he is easier to defeat than Margit The Fell Omen.

However, if you’re having trouble understanding how to defeat Godrick The Grafted, this Elden Ring boss guide will highlight a few strategies and the location of an NPC companion you can call to make the fight much more manageable.

How to find Nepheli Loux

Depending on the route you take through Stormveil Castle, it’s entirely possible to get past the main boon you’ll have in the boss fight. Nepheli Loux is a warrior with an ax that you can summon in battle against Godrick The Grafted; however, you’ll need to talk to her before her calling pool appears at the fog gate.

To find Nepheli, go down the giant stairs opposite the fog gate at the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. Run past the two guards accompanying the giant troll and follow the cobbled street, making sure to grab the Golden Seed along the way so you can add another load to your Flask. After the road bends, duck through the doorway on your left and discover Nepheli standing over the corpse of a Stormveil Knight. After speaking to her and exhausting all dialogue options, you can now summon Nepheli to the rescue before starting the Godrick The Grafted boss fight.

how to beat godrick the grafted?

Key strategies

Summon your ghost immediately after the start of the fight as they will cancel out damage and help keep Nepheli alive for as long as possible – she is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. She can be the critical factor in achieving victory. You need to be fairly aggressive in this boss fight as a passive playstyle will be overwhelmed by Godrick’s speed, range and AoE damage. It helps if you diligently stay behind the boss while he focuses on your companions.

Godrick has several storm-calling moves. Back up quickly when he starts swinging his ax in the air, he’s going to create a cyclone around his body and then end the action with his Storm Stomp ability, which will deal a ton of damage if you’re around. He often digs his ax into the ground right after his stamp. If he does this, prepare to dodge. He will hurl two gusts of wind at you which will knock you back and deal a lot of damage. Such as Godrick starts rolling through the arena, in the air or on the ground, be prepared to dodge his pesky finisher. As with Margit The Fell Omen, the windup on his aerial base is longer than you’d expect, so make sure you don’t dodge the move too early.

how to beat godrick the grafted?

During his second phase, Godrick becomes much more deadly and grafts an ancient dragon’s head onto his arm. His wind-based abilities are now infused with flames, increasing their potency and range. At this point, I recommend using a fireproof dried liver, which is a craft recipe unlocked with the Armorer’s Cookbook (1). If you haven’t found this crafting recipe yet, you can find it in a treasure chest in the soldier’s camp north of Murkwater Cave. Godrick will use a few new abilities after equipping the dragon head. His flamethrower ability deals a lot of damage, but is easy to dodge. When the boss raises his dragon arm and starts to spit fire, immediately back off. He’s going to set fire to the ground beneath him. If you get hit, you not only risk death, but you will also be knocked to the ground and extremely vulnerable to his swift attacks.

Again, Nepheli is the key to winning the fight, and you need to deal as much damage as possible while she’s still alive. If you’re having trouble dealing damage to Godrick, raise your weapon in the Roundtable Hold. Remember that you can always farm extra Runes to improve your character. And that was it for this Godrick, The Grafted boss guide. Good luck, I believe in you.

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