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Margit The Fell Omen is the first mandatory boss you will encounter in Elden Ring. You’ll find its fog gate in the Castleward Tunnel, which begins at the top of Stormhill, the windswept country northeast of the starting area called Limgrave. The hammer-wielding steward is old but quick on his feet and poses a greater threat to slower melee-focused players, especially those at a lower level. If you’re still trying to figure out how to beat Margit The Fell Omen, we’ve got you covered. In this Elden Ring boss guide, we’ll show you how to find a unique item to make the fight much easier.

What is Margit’s braces?

I recommend that you don’t fight Margit until you’ve upgraded your primary weapon at least twice. In addition, be sure to call on Sorcerer Rogier before going into battle. His golden call sign is on the right side of the floor in front of the fog gate. However, if you need a bigger perk, you’ll need to unlock Margit’s Shackle, a reusable item that you can activate twice during the boss’s first phase.

This method also prevents Margit Sorceror from damaging Rogier or your Spirit Summons too early in the duel, so you take extra damage during the second phase of the boss fight.

margit's braces elden ring

How do you like Margit’s braces?

You can buy Margit’s Shackle from an optional merchant called Patches for 5,000 runes, but only after you battle and spare him in Murkwater Cave. To find Murkwater Cave, head up the ravine, starting at the northeastern boundary of Aheel Lake (watch out for the beast that guards the shallow waters).

After defeating the group of skeletons under the bridge, continue up the river and prepare to duel with Bloody Finger Nerijus, an invading NPC who inflicts a powerful bleeding effect with his twin daggers. Carefully dodge Nerijus’s attacks until Bloody Finger Hunter Yura joins the fray and offers assistance, or smear your big sword in Fire Grease and unleash Ash of War on him like I did. After defeating Nerijus, look to the riverbank for the entrance to Murkwater Cave, marked by a torch.

Once inside, rest at the Site of Lost Grace and defeat the thieves in the next room. The interior of the cave splits into two passages – take the right path and you’ll find the gold-colored fog gate signifying the fight with Patches (I hesitate to call him a boss). Cross the fog and open the treasure chest next to the campfire. Patches will announce themselves from higher up in the cave before jumping down to start the fight. Don’t use your spirit summons as you have to stop attacking Patches half way through.

At about half their health, Patches will surrender and ask for mercy. After forgiving him, the now friendly NPC will tell you to visit his new item store later. Run back to the Site of Lost Grace at the cave entrance, rest and return to Patches’ room. The mischievous merchant will now sell you several valuable goods, but the most important is Margit’s Shackle.

margit's braces elden ring

Time for DDD duel

After returning to Castleward Tunnel, summon wizard Rogier to the rescue, cross the fog and begin the fight with Stormveil’s annoying steward. This time, save your Spirit Summons for later. Margit usually starts by throwing two glowing daggers, just roll out of the way. If he focuses on you, be aware of the quick swings he uses in quick succession. Margit catches his breath after his flurry of attacks – now is the time to activate Margit’s braces.

A seal of holy light will stun, ground Margit and leave him open to a wave of attacks. Accumulate enough damage during this lockdown, and you’ll stagger the boss, opening a window for an easy Critical Hit. Remember, you can use Margit’s Shackle twice for the second boss stage, so repeat the lockdown process one more time.

With 60% health, Margit will bring out his sacred Kirkhammer and begin the second part of the battle. If he starts talking to you again, you will have time to summon your spiritual companions. I recommend using the Lone Wolf Ashes or Godrick Soldier Ashes, which can be found in the jellyfish-filled cemetery west of Stormhill. You don’t have much time between Margit’s four combo attacks, so focus on dodging and healing until he hits the ground with his staff or hammer, then punish him. Rinse and repeat.

Upon victory, you’ll gain access to Stormveil Castle, the first legacy dungeon in Elden Ring, and a Talisman Pouch to equip an extra talisman.

Thanks for viewing this Margit The Fell Omen boss guide. If you found these tips helpful, be sure to check out our Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide and stay tuned for more articles like this in the coming days.


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