Join us for a stream of All Things Elden Ring


The digital edition of the Elden Ring release will go live tomorrow at 2pm CST. Exactly at the same time I go to the officially Gaming Tech Gear Twitch channel to have a live discussion about everything we’ve seen and played during our nearly 10-hour hands-on time with From Software’s upcoming dark action-RPG. While this comes with a spoiler warning, of course, even with our extended play session, there are still many, many secrets to uncover in Elden Ring – even with the marathon session, I feel like I’ve only just come to the surface of what Elden Ring has to offer.

We’ll talk about mechanics, features, gameplay, environments, and some other big surprises, but From Software has always been pretty hesitant about what they choose to show off early compared to what’s available in the final game – remember Bloodborne ? No one was ready for where that journey would take us! So come by, chat and ask your questions about Elden Ring. While I can’t answer every question, I’ll do my best to facilitate some good conversations about what to expect when you dive into Elden Ring.

In addition to the stream, you can look forward to a deluge of coverage coming soon to, including some exclusive videos.


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