Lost Ark release slightly delayed, limits character creation on some servers


Lost Ark has been making a lot of waves this week as it debuted in Western countries for the first time. Although the MMORPG is free-to-play, the first few days of access are only available to those who have purchased a Founder’s Pack. Despite this small and temporary price adjustment, Lost Ark has been getting impressive numbers with over 500,000 concurrent players in the first two days. The popularity of the title has led to some adjustments to where new players can create characters and the opening of new servers to accommodate the audience starting to play this week.

Servers with high populations and excessive queue times were targeted to limit character creation by players who are new to the server. Those who already have characters on the affected worlds will still be able to create more characters on their roster. Servers currently seeing these limits are as follows:

NA West – Mari
NA West – Valtan
NA East – Azena
NA East – One
NA East – Regulus
NA East – Avesta
EU Central – Kadan
EU Central – Trixion
EU Central – Thirain
EU Central – Zinnervale
EU Central – Asta

If you’re new and have friends on any of these servers, you won’t be able to join them for now. On the other hand, more servers are opening up to support the flow of players. THE forum post which announced the limits also named US Central Beatrice and NA East Elzowin as two new places to start playing Lost Ark. More servers are also being rolled out for release but have not been named.

Some additional unfortunate news hit Lost Ark’s Twitter feed this morning, saying that the F2P launch is a bit delayed due to “deployment issues”. At the time of publishing, the game is undergoing maintenance ahead of the full scheduled release. “We hope to have this resolved in a matter of hours. Your patience is appreciated and we will update you soon,” assures the Lost Ark team. Let’s hope the wait lasts for a few hours and doesn’t get any closer to the evening or the weekend.

Our fingers are crossed that the delay is just a slight bump for a smooth launch. If you missed it earlier this week, we have our Lost Ark pre-release impressions you can read. right here. TL;DR: It’s a lot of fun and the hype isn’t wrong. To give This week’s Gaming Tech Gear Show a listen for more impressions. We will also stream the game throughout the weekend (except for technical issues or additional delays) on our Twitch channel. Come out and see what this MMO is all about.


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