Madrid to Ferran Quetglas


The market for transfer is changing with Real Madrid is the protagonist. The player isn’t Mbappe, Haaland or Rudiger. It’s Ferran Quetglas. He is a the young goalkeeper from the Mallorva youth team. Mallorva who will become the new player in the white side from the next year’s season. The goalkeeper born 16 years ago (05-05-2005) terminated his contract on the 30th of June and joined the vermilion outfit, who tried to extend the contract and even met to discuss however as AS has been able verify, could not compete with the Madrid offer, which was more appealing and more appealing to Mallorcan.

This way, whites will count on the next course along with one of goalkeepers with the highest potential on the national stage. However, Ferran Ferran is expected to be an active participant in the forthcoming U-17 European Championship which will begin on the 16th of May. Ferran is signed for two seasons, up to 2024and will be joining Juvenil A to be the starting goalkeeper during the UEFA Youth League, although he is two fifths less than the players who will be his future teammates. The event was one where the Whites were eliminated from the field by Atletico de Madrid in the round of 16, delaying them from defending their title won at the previous edition with Raul as a substitute.

This factor, the ability to be a star of the world’s most prestigious competition in the continent, has been significant in tipping the balance of merengue players. The young player is aware the significance of the white side could be a significant launching pad to a future career in the process of taking off within the island organization. An incorporation at no cost, with the future, and which is starting to form. In Majorca He has been invited to First Teamup up to four times even at the age of 16 years old. Moreover, this year, it was the sole player within the Division of Honor in the youth division.

The Red On the Horizon

Julen Guerrero played his debut as a U-15 player at 14 years old and he did the same for the U-17 age group, which the age of 16 was almost done. And now in the next few years to the U-17, he will be top choice for the European Championship in Israel where Spain is among the most favored teams. Within the Federation it is believed that he will be to be the future goalkeeper of the National Team and it is a bid to sign him by Madrid after being who was dissatisfied by Kepa Arrizabalaga in the past (Zidane had ruled out signing of the former Athletic goalkeeper for fear of causing conflicts against Keylor Navas, before Chelsea arrived on the scene) and to take possession of a goalkeeper who has a distinct scent of Absolute.

Ferran stands tall goalie (1.87m) and has excellent reflexes and a good ability to fly. The greats of Spanish football have been watching his progress for quite a while and now he’ll continue to improve his game with La Fabrica Blanca, where he will ride on horseback with Castilla and the youth team. The first-team goal is secured with Thibaut Courtois, however this move demonstrates that there is a plan to keep the Belgian’s replacement on the ground and not being forced to go in search of him at the moment. Madrid is betting for Ferran Quetglas in addition to Ferran Quetglas is betting in Madrid.


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