New Dead by Daylight Killer Leans Into the Game’s Terrifying Force


There’s something exciting about being scared. Psychology tells us that it’s because of the adrenaline and endorphins that are released when our body senses danger. The biochemical reaction results in a feeling of euphoria, particularly when we realize that we are safe after all. It is this rush that encourages thrill seekers to bungee jump, motorheads to run and, people like me, to play horror games like Dead by Daylight.

While Dead By Daylight is inherently a survival horror game, it’s not exactly scary. Of course, the setup is undeniably spooky on paper, with assassins including Halloween’s iconic Michael Myers and Scream’s Ghost Face hunting down frightened survivors desperately trying to fix broken generators to escape the Entity, to which they may be sacrificed. But when you (as a survivor) get over your initial fear of the uncertain – and become a regular player – that terror diminishes considerably.


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