Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars | The coolest cards we got from booster packs


The first Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion of 2022 is finally ready to launch, which is why we’re here to open a bunch of booster packs for the Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars expansion. The expansion contains more 170 cards, including 4 Pokémon VStar cards, 20 Pokémon V and 3 Pokémon VMax cards. In addition, Brilliant Stars includes 30 Trainer Gallery cards with special art, over 20 Trainer cards, and a new Special Energy card.

We received a lot of booster packs for the Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars expansion. When I opened all the packs and sorted my pulls, I was happy with the generational spread. While Kanto and Galar Pokémon remain well represented, this time around I saw more Sinnoh monsters. With Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl launched last year and Legends: Arceus last month, this feels like a smart move.

My favorite cards happen to fall into the Gen I category this time around. While it’s true that I hold Gen I in high regard (mostly thanks to nostalgia), I like to think that these cards are my favorites, not because of that nostalgia, but because of the classically oriented designs of these full-art cards. The pure art of the Pikachu V and Raichu V cards immediately caught my attention, and I always consider it a great day when I can draw a Charizard. Of course, after just putting in tons of hours into Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it was cool to get the titular Pocket Monster out of these packs too. I also really like some of the Trainer cards in this expansion, which I can’t say about every set.

You can see the 20+ cards I considered to be my favorites in the gallery below.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars launches on February 25. For everything about Pokémon Trading Card Game, head over to our dedicated hub by clicking the banner below!


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