PUBG Get The Recent State Officially Released Today


New State is a game developed by PUBG. New State is officially launched today, November 11 2021. It is available via Google Play and the App Store. However, there appears to be a small issue with the game’s entry point.

After download the 1.4GB size the detikINET team can’t access this Battle Royale game made by Krafton. The download process for resources in the loading screen appears to be slow and ceases at a rate of 38 percent.

Then , a pop-up window with a notice shows, which states that the player is unable to join the server. Others gamers have experienced the same way and posted their complaints via the PUBG: New State comment section in Google Play. The gamers also reported this issue on Twitter.

The developer also offered his thoughts on the matter. The developer said that due to an issue on the server at present that delayed the release until 06.00 UTC or 13.00 WIB. The prior release was scheduled for 04.00 UTC. This is around 11.00 WIB.

“This issue is being reviewed by our development team as a top priority, and we apologize to the many people who have been waiting,” Krafton wrote.

PUBG: New State itself is an update to PUBG Mobile that features better graphics and more real. Krafton stated that the game will make use of the most recent technology to give gamers an experience comparable with the version on PC of PUBG.

The game mechanics are not that different than its predecessor. You must keep trying to become the last player standing. There are some minor changes, such as making it more futuristic like showing combat shields, drones as well as a host of more contemporary vehicles.

Additionally the players also have the option of modifying their weapons features as well as a system for recruiting to draw opponents to join the team.

The game’s creator also stated it is PUBG New Sate is going to have an extremely robust anti-cheat system. The main goal is none other than to ensure the best gaming experience for players of all levels.


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