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It’s not a surprise that a game can go from exclusivity on a particular formatto another few years later, then porting from PC or mobile, or even one console, to another. I don’t believe I’ve but played a game that required nine years to move from the original game release on console. Since then games and the world has changed in a huge way. However, we’re now looking forward to welcoming The Ravensword of Shadowlands onto Xbox. Is it too late to join be a part of the celebration?

Ravensword Shadowlands can be described as an RPG which is in a similar fashion of that have The Elder Scrolls feel. The game was initially released on mobile devices, where it received many praises and glowing reviews, especially regarding the size of a game such a genre. The game has been released to the Xbox however, you’ll notice that this game hasn’t been translated well over several years, and especially since we’ve moved to an entirely new generation. For all its merits, Ravensword feels like a mobile game , which is the primary issue.

It begins with an almost Lord of the Rings style cinematic that tells a dramatic story of good against evil and warriors, as well as magic. There’s a plot which focuses specifically on Dark Elves as they force dark times on the realm of Tyreas. The war is in full swing and the legendary magic weapon known as the Ravensword is missing! The main mission is the search for this fantastic weapon, all to end battle and establish peace in the entire world. Best of luck.

The writing and story are entertaining and effective however, it’s a dated tale that’s been done before, but a bit better and with more flair than the one here. The character you pick at the beginning is a no-one; one you can customize and include your own story to. You are able to choose the way you’d like to play your character, too are you an expert with the sword or bow, or use magic? There are abilities and upgrades that you can unlock when you gain experienceand progress through the process.

The world as a whole is a vast open space filled with plains, forests caves, medieval-style towns. Explore to your satisfaction, stopping often for a chat with guards or shopkeepers. You can also join in battle as well, fighting low-level creatures or monsters to improve your skills and improve your skills. There’s a primary quest that will cover all the bases and requires plenty of exploration as well as combat, and there are a few bolted-on side quests that prolong the life of the game. The bits and pieces are typical RPG routine, but you won’t be astonished by anything provided.

Combat is easy to engage in to do, as is blocking attacks that you have to. You can shoot archers from a distance, or be able to hide for a few minutes for a sneak attack while you fight an array of humans boars, elves, goblins, rabid bears and all the other creatures of the world of fantasy. However, combat can be unpredictable – at times you’ll be in a place where you can swing a sword, and the opponent will be defeated. Sometimes, they’re more durable than steel and can spot you from miles away. The problem is that it is difficult to tell the strength of an adversary likely to be, and so you’ll have to be spending hours trying to build the XP up before you can purchase new equipment and hoping for the best and moving forward by completing the main stories.

The control system itself is complicated too, with strange button layouts that make it’s difficult to use.

In terms of visuals, Ravensword: Shadowlands looks like an early Xbox 360 game with flat textures, an unflattering architectural style and Oblivion-type players. It would’ve been a great phone game in 2013, but it’s not able to perform as well today, unfortunately. There are some bugs, too. Some creatures exhibit strange behavior and items appear to fly in the air after being they are attacked. Fortunately, the audio is slightly better, with a decent soundtrack that provides a continuous epic score. There is a decent voiceover to enjoy.

If you’re looking for an RPG that is capable of offering a decent amount of RPG at an extremely low cost, Ravensword is it. If you’re looking for an RPG that can bring back memories of past days, then it’s definitely worth giving it a go. However, you must be prepared to become tired and dissatisfied when progress is accomplished. This is a game where you’ll need to earn points of experience to make good progress, and there’s no story or gameplay that’s exciting enough to keep you playing until the very conclusion. Ravensword Shadowlands available on Xbox is likely to wish that it was 2013. however, a lot of changes have occurred since then and it’s not comparable to modern versions.


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