Samsung S5620 Monte – Capacitive Touch, 3.2MP, Wi-Fi & GPS, Under Rs. 12.390 Review


Samsung S5620 Monte – Capacitive Touch, 3.2MP, Wi-Fi & GPS, Under Rs. 12,390 detailed review

The Samsung S5620 Monte is basically aimed at the social networking segment with the price-conscious consumer in mind. It has a gloss black finish on the front panel with ‘select’, ‘call answer’ and ‘call disconnect’ buttons on the bottom. The aerodynamic design and well-rounded golden-orange side panels add to the stylish design and glamor quotient of the mobile. The TouchWiz user interface and smart unlock feature contribute to the technological improvements of the user interface. The S5620 Monte features a candy bar design with an LCD display that supports 16:9 aspect ratio, a 3.15 megapixel camera with advanced shooting modes such as Smile Shot, Panoramic Shot and Face Detection. It has a microSD slot (expandable up to 16GB) and all the basic connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth and GPS. The volume buttons are conveniently located on one side panel and the microSD slot, ‘camera’ and ‘lock’ button on the other. The camera lens is placed at the top of the rear panel to allow the user to easily take quick snapshots.

Samsung S5620 Monte (front view)

It has a touchscreen design similar to the B5310 CorbyPro. However, it lacks the hardware keyboard, which is a major drawback. The touchscreen uses a user-friendly interface with well-organized menu icons. However, the touchscreen is unresponsive and often lags during phone navigation. A beginner who is just getting their hands on the touchscreen may need some time to get used to the touchscreen. It has a widget feature similar to the B5310 CorbyPro, with a sidebar of useful widgets that can also be dragged and dropped onto the home screen. Another notable feature is that it has a hot-swappable microSD slot that can be accessed on the side panels, unlike the CorbyPro.

Samsung S5620 Monte – 3.2MP camera

Samsung S5620 Monte – Capacitive touchscreen keyboard

The verdict:

The Samsung S5620 Monte is a distant cousin of Samsung CorbyPro and has many similarities in terms of interface and features. However, it lacks the hardware keyboard but includes a capacitive touchscreen instead of the resistive one unlike CorbyPro. It is a fairly average performer in the captured photo and video quality test. It performs well in the speaker test with a score of 8 out of 10. It had consistent results in the signal reception and call clarity test. Therefore, it sees its chances as a good mid-end phone with a decent camera and a good music player, at an affordable price.

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