The cheapest Nintendo Switch packages and offers in February 2022


It’s another quiet week when it comes to Nintendo Switch deals, but the good news is that stock appears to be more stable in the US and UK for the first time since late last year. Looking back today, we find that both the standard Switch and the new OLED Switch are available for purchase at a number of retailers – just don’t expect to find a savings. Either way, we’ve rounded up all of today’s best prices for the standard console and the new Nintendo Switch OLED – when available.

After suffering from the Black Friday effect that saw stock completely eliminated in the US, you can now find the standard Nintendo Switch console in a number of stores. You can get the Neon version for $299.99 on Amazon or choose between the two colors in Best Buy for $299.99. In another place, Nintendo Switch OLED stock it has been very difficult in the last few weeks, but the The white version is in stock at Best Buy for $349.99.


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