The Moonlight Greatsword is in Elden Ring, along with other software Easter Eggs


Players who have enjoyed the last decade of From Software’s action/RPG have discovered recurring characters, themes and weapons that can be found in various forms throughout the games. While they don’t always appear explicitly, they are sometimes found as glittering surprises that are delightful (and terrifying). This is the case during the battle in phase two of Ludwig, where he decides to pull out the Moonlight Greatsword and try to submerge the player with some incredibly flashy power moves. In Elden Ring, players can interact with the rogue traitor patches and acquire both the Storm Ruler and the Moonlight Greatsword.

“I can confidently say yes, this time. Elden Ring is the kind of game that forgives a tremendous sense of volume and mass,” said game director Hidetaka Miyazaki. “And so I felt like this time I had a right to include these things. So yes, you’ll find them if you look hard enough.”

Of course, because Elden Ring is a huge open world full of secrets and discoveries, it’s likely that some of these items are tucked away and hidden behind mysteries. While we probably won’t be taking down a manta ray Storm King with the Storm Ruler this time around, as there will be patches, it’s possible that there are other pieces of King’s Field and From Software history around here somewhere. Since we’ve seen multiple dragons as part of this world, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw something similar to Seath the Scaleless slithering around.

In the same conversion with Miyazaki, although we got to see alien areas like the Roundtable Hold, there won’t be any Painted Worlds in the game as he feels these are specifically a Dark Souls element. However, you can find paintings throughout the game – collectibles that depict a specific location in the world that is connected to the artist’s soul. While I haven’t been able to track down any of these locations during my session, rest assured that this is one of the first things on my list of things to do with the final game.


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