TP-Link HS200 Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

Smart lighting can be flattering helpful. Philips and LIFX have all expelled their take on a intelligent light bulb, permitting we to control your lights true from your home and set adult automation so that your lights spin on and off automatically. 

But there’s a smirch with those systems – if you, or someone we live with, turns a lights off during a switch, a energy is cut to those lights. 

That’s where intelligent light switches come in. Sure, we can’t use them to set a lights we already possess to musty colors, yet either we control them from a switch or from your phone, a lights will stay connected and useful. 

Following adult Belkin and Lutron, now TP-Link has a possess charity – called a TP-Link HS200. Is it value shopping over a other options? We put it to a test.

Design and installation

The initial thing to note about a TP-Link HS200 is a design: It’s a attractive device. On a front, you’ll find a vast switch that has a gratifying click when we press it in. There are dual lights in a front of a switch too – one that turns on when a light is off, presumably to assistance we find it in a dark, and another Wi-Fi indicator.

One thing to note about this switch, like some other intelligent switches, is that a categorical procedure during a behind of it is vast … like, unequivocally big. 

Smart switches have a lot of tech underneath a hood, and a outcome is that it might not fit into a wiring boxes in some homes. We had a lot of difficulty anticipating a light to exam a switch on – so we suggest ensuring that it’ll fit before shopping a switch, or during slightest creation certain that a store we buy it from has a flattering good lapse policy.

Assuming a wiring box behind your light switch is vast enough, installing a device is indeed unequivocally easy, interjection in vast to a app. The app gives we transparent instructions on installing your switch, along with diagrams to assistance we by a process. 

Apart from sizing issues, we had no problem following a instructions to implement a device, and unless you’re totally freaked out by a thought of electrical wires, a infancy of people should have no emanate removing this bending up.

App and day-to-day use

Using a switch is simple: Press it for on, press it for off. It has a good click to it and, since it’s good and big, we should have difficulty anticipating a lights during night. The faceplate of a device is pointed and it should fit in any complicated home. 

Then there’s a app, that is called Kasa, and is indeed flattering well-designed. 

The app is divided adult into a few opposite sections: devices, cameras, scenes, intelligent actions, and notifications. 

On a inclination menu, you’ll be means to switch on and off your lights, yet it’s not until a scenes and intelligent actions menu that we can unequivocally clear a energy of a intelligent home. Scenes concede we to spin on or off mixed inclination during once. (One use box is that we could set a “watching TV” stage that turns off all a upstairs lights, and turns on a lights downstairs nearby a TV.) 

After we have your scenes setup, you’ll set adult your home automation. If we have suit sensors, for example, we can set a lights to spin on automatically when they detect motion. 

Of course, if we use a lot of opposite intelligent home gadgets that embody a heart like Google Home or Amazon Echo, we substantially won’t wish to use a app in a initial place. Instead, you’ll wish to bond a device to a rest of your intelligent home. 

The good news is that a TP-Link HS200 works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and we found it unequivocally easy to use both of them: Simply bond your TP-Link account, and we can afterwards ask Google or Alexa to spin your switch on or off but carrying to get off a couch. You might have to give a device a nickname for it to work properly, generally if we have intelligent bulbs commissioned in a same room … yet many people won’t run into that problem.

That said, we would have favourite to see a small some-more formation with other intelligent home systems. Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and Nest are all flourishing platforms, and a miss of Apple HomeKit formation is a genuine bummer for a lot of people. 


The TP-Link HS200 is a good switch. It works good standalone, as good as in tandem with your favorite digital partner … as prolonged as that digital partner is Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. While a miss of HomeKit formation is flattering annoying, for those that don’t use HomeKit in a initial place, this is an glorious choice. 

That said, it’s not quite as good as Belkin’s WeMo light switch. The WeMo is concordant with a same intelligent home services as TP-Link, and it offers unaccepted Samsung SmartThings formation and Works with Nest. You can also bond it to HomeKit with a HomeKit Bridge, that Belkin also sells. 

At a same price, we consider a WeMo is still a best intelligent light switch on a market, notwithstanding a fact that a app isn’t anywhere nearby as good as TP-Link’s.

[Editor’s note: For now, a TP-Link HS200 is usually accessible and organic in a US. If you’re vital in a UK or Australia, really check out a Belkin!]

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