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After a long hiatus, Weekend Warrior is back and ready to play at the best time of the week: the weekend! O Gaming Tech Gear the team is busy with all sorts of big recent game releases like Horizon Forbidden West, Dying Light 2 and Lost Ark. Let’s hear from some team members firsthand to see how they plan to spend the long holiday.

Jill Grodt – With amazing game releases coming left and right and the weather being absolutely beautiful, this weekend certainly looks good. I’m planning to explore every inch of Forbidden West, find new ways to take down big machines, and see if I can spot any familiar landmarks in a San Francisco reclaimed by the wild. I also have to find some time this weekend to continue filling my Pokédex in Pokémon Legends: Arceus because, despite its flaws, I love being able to go out and track my favorite creatures in the wild. But I better hurry because Elden Ring is only a week away!

Brian Shea – This weekend, I continue my journey through Dying Light 2. It’s still pretty early days, but I’m having so much fun. As much as I’m tempted by Horizon Forbidden West, I’ve recently realized that I only need to focus on one big open game at a time or I’ll never finish any of them.

André Reiner – For the first time in three years, I’m hanging out with my board game group on the weekend. We’ve already played Unfathomable, a game I recommend if you like cheating mechanics. We’ll see how much time we have, but the plan is to do a round for all these games: Captain Sonar, Forgotten Waters, El Dorado, Tyrants of the Underdark, The Captain is Dead, Nemesis, and Eldritch Horror. I’m also looking forward to reading the latest editions of Donny Cates’ Hulk and Thor.

Alex Van Aken – My wife Kayla and I love reality shows. Like, bad. At the moment we are halfway Love Island Season 6, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites so far. Callum and Shaugna’s relationship is a rollercoaster ride, Paige and Finley are the cutest couple since Jack and Dani in Season 4, and narrator Iain Stirling is amazing as ever. if you are a fan of the bachelor, Love is blindor same the circle, you need to watch Love Island (UK). Make sure you start with season 4, then season 6, and if you’re interested in watching this garbage from a television show, then you’re in good company.

Kimberly Wallace – I intend to finally watch the end of Peacemaker, which has been a lot of fun and much better than I expected it to be. Other than that, with Horizon Forbidden West completed, I’m finally getting into Dying Light 2. Oh yeah, and reading some comics! I’m loving the new She-Hulk and Hawkeye: Kate Bishop Series.

Wesley LeBlanc – Started. Can you smell it? We are one week away from the release of From Software’s Elden Ring. This weekend I will not play. I will not watch TV. I won’t eat or drink. I will meditate and prepare this mortal vessel called Wesley to become Spotted. It’s my destiny. I’m going to prepare not just my soul but my mind as well, and not just my mind but my brain as well. I can do this. I will do this. I am Become Elden Ring.

John Carson “We’re approaching the end of the second month of the year, and already I feel like I’m trying to catch up. This weekend I’ll be exploring what max level content looks like in Lost Ark and doing some matches in The King of Fighters XV. I’ll also be diving into more of Magic: The Gathering’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty through Magic Arena or sitting on my ass at a game store and drawing in person. Let’s see how adventurous I want to be. Neon Dynasty is a set that I can’t stop thinking about with complex and fun designs that inspire many creative pieces. When I’m not playing (or while I am), I plan to catch up on the latest It’s always sunny season and maybe a few episodes of Peacemaker for good measure.

What games will you play this weekend? Have you picked up Horizon Forbidden West and are you ready to explore with Aloy, or are you honing your Souls skills for the imminent and imposing release of Elden Ring next week? We want to hear all about movies, music, books, comics, manga, and whatever else you’re going through in the comments below!

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