Would you vote for one of these video game presidents?


Today America voted for its next president. Is it too late to change our vote to one of these five video game presidents? Which of these fictional commanders-in-chief would you vote for?

President Adam Benford of Resident Evil 6

political historyPresident Benford, aka President Evil, is good friends with both Leon and Sherry; Sherry even calls him Uncle. Benford helped recruit Leon as a US government agent. In Resident Evil 6, he tried to do the right thing by telling the American people the truth about what happened in Raccoon City, but he ended up craving human flesh and a deadly bullet to the brain.

Controversy: Cannibalism. Can we really trust a president who eats human flesh?

Solidus Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

political historyYou thought Obama was the 43rd president of the United States, but according to Metal Gear, it was George Sears — the third “perfect” clone of Big Boss. Sears fought in the Liberian Civil War as a teenager and was voted to the White House in 2001, making him the youngest man in history to be elected president. Sears’s administration was marked by its stance on nuclear disarmament and anti-eugenics policies. He also likes swords and cybernetic octopus arms.

Controversy: Confusing backstory. Should we be proud of the sins Sears has committed or ashamed of his association with vampires?

Michael Wilson of Metal Wolf Chaos

political historyFor the foreseeable future, America will face a state of civil and economic turmoil. A few states are trying to secede and protect their own interests. Michael Wilson – a descendant of Woodrow Wilson – tackles this problem the only way a respectable president would: He jumps into a combat mechanism and liberates each state, one at a time.

Controversy: Healthcare. Throughout the game, Wilson was suspiciously silent about his stance on American health care. What is he trying to hide?

President Ronnie of Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja

Political history: One thing we do know is that Ronnie’s security is pretty crappy. After he’s kidnapped, it’s up to two really bad guys (aka White Pants and Green Pants) to rescue him. Doesn’t he have a secret service for this? Anyway, after he is rescued, he invites you for a burger. Look, he’s just a normal guy like you and me.

Controversy: Hamburgers. Are you trying to make us fat, Ronnie? Maybe he should have run on an organic, soy-based vegan burger platform.

John Henry Eden from Fallout 3

political history After the nuclear holocaust, John Henry Eden rises to bring order to a chaotic wasteland. Eden often talks about how he will rebuild America into a great country through his radio monologues. Of course, it is revealed later in the game that Eden is actually an AI program installed on a pre-war supercomputer and based on a combination of personalities from each former president of the United States.

Controversy: Actually, we can’t think of any. This could be the perfect president.


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