Xanova Juturna-U Review: Interesting Audio Signature Adjustment



Impressive audio quality, brilliant microphone performance and stunning build quality are all present on the Xanova Juturna-U gaming headset. Whether we were playing open-world action games or platform games or even listening to music, the headset was able to deliver brilliant audio in almost every genre and usage situation. While it’s a bit lacking in the bass department, it still makes in-game explosions and gunshots powerful enough. The quality of the microphone was something that was exceptional and almost as good as the best we tested in our labs. Voice not only sounds natural, but also maintains clarity. The Juturna-U allows you to adjust the bass in three levels, which essentially means enhancing those specific frequencies. This is possible with the switches on each ear cup. The virtual 7.1 sound card has an FPS mode button that enhances the high frequencies for the benefit of FPS gamers by increasing the sound of movements. Xanova has developed a really good gaming headset with all the necessary features you could wish for. From the build quality to the features to the performance, they have managed to offer a worthy product. Looking at the competition, the Juturna-U’s price is also impressive.

Xanova Juturna-U detailed review


Gaming headset manufacturers are constantly pushing good quality gaming headsets and making them budget friendly too. A few years ago it was difficult to find a good mid-range headset that performed well in audio quality and had all the necessary features. However, that is about to change and many manufacturers have already introduced several headsets in this segment. PC components and peripherals manufacturer GALAX launched their own gaming brand called Xanova and we will see more products arrive in India. The first is their gaming headset, the Xanova Juturna-U which we had the chance to review. It comes in two variants including the Juturna and Juturna-U, with the latter connecting to your devices via a USB connection. While it may look like a regular headset, one of the highlights is the bass control levels that allow you to boost the lower frequencies through three levels. We will examine this feature in detail and the other aspects in more detail.

xanova juturna-u


Frequency Response: 20-20 kHz

Sensitivity (@1kHz, 1V/Pa): 95 ± 3dB at 1 kHz

Impedance: 32 Ohms (1 kHz, 1 mW)

microphone impedance: ≤2.2k Ohms

Microphone sensitivity: -52dB±3dB

Weight: 290g

xanova juturna-u

Build and design

Following a conventional headphone design, the Xanova Juturna-U features a detachable combo cable for audio input and output. The headset uses a sliding mechanism to adapt to the size of the user’s head. The frame of the headset is made of aluminum and is quite flexible with a low clamping force. At the top, most of the headband is covered with a synthetic leather material that is also present on the ear pads. The headband has soft cushioning at the top for comfort over your head.

xanova juturna-u

A lot of plastic has been used in the rest of the body. This plastic feels premium and has a matte coating over the ear cups. They can swivel out 90 degrees and it’s quite convenient because you can hang them comfortably around your neck. The ear pads are made of memory foam covered with the same leather-like material as on the headband.

xanova juturna-u

The lightweight design of the Juturna-U, with a low clamping force and memory foam ear cushions, combine to provide the right amount of comfort you would expect from gaming headsets. If you are one of those indulging in long gaming sessions, this headset will not disappoint. We played our favorite games with this headset for over six hours and didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

xanova juturna-u

As for the other contents in the box, there are a few cable options along with a carrying case. There is a short cable to connect the headset to your mobile devices and game consoles. It has an in-line button to receive calls. None of the cables have any kind of multimedia controls. This was one of the aspects that let us down.

xanova juturna-u

There is also a longer cable with the microphone that can be connected to any device using a combo 3.5mm jack on both ends. We expected this cable to attach to the earcup and stay in that position because it has the microphone. However, it runs along the gate and feels a little flimsy at times. If you want to connect the headset to your PC, you will have to use the virtual 7.1 sound card. The sound card has a button to switch the headset to FPS mode. Essentially, the higher frequencies are boosted to make footsteps and other ambient sounds clearer to give the player an advantage.

xanova juturna-u

Audio Performance

Gaming headsets tend to boost the bass or lower frequencies so that in-game sounds feel powerful and immersive. Therefore, a warmer sound signature is always expected from them. You see the same with the Xanova Juturna-U, although it is not really warm. It does have some bass to a degree that can be felt, but not enough to provide a satisfying punch during explosions. Speaking of audio quality, the soundstage was impressive. We found it wide enough to create a sense of scale, especially in open world games. There was no amount of distortion in the audio while playing games. We wouldn’t say it was crisp and clear, but you’ll have no trouble distinguishing one sound from another. This is important during multiplayer games where speech and game audio overlap and the game audio usually dominates the voice. At such times, you are forced to turn down the game audio so that you can hear your teammates. None of these adjustments need to be made on the Juturna-U. We also used the headset to listen to music. It was slightly above average, but this is not something the headset is trying to master. Overall, the audio quality is impressive on most fronts and you will definitely have a positive experience while gaming.

xanova juturna-u

Audio enhancements are highly subjective as not everyone wants to spend time adjusting the sound. They would much rather use the headset as it comes out of the box. For the avid types, the bass control level offers an added advantage to modify the Juturna’s sound signature to some extent. Tuned into three levels of bass frequencies, the switch on the edges of the ear cups lets you change it to whatever you want. It does not affect the mid or high frequencies and only changes the lower frequencies. These are hardware buttons, so this setting takes effect with any device the headphones are connected to. Another improvement on the headset is the FPS mode button on the virtual 7.1 sound card. When you press the button, the higher frequencies are boosted to be beneficial in FPS games. Increasing the high frequencies makes motion sounds more audible, which is an advantage. Please note, you must be using the sound card for this feature to work. Both improvements are great to have as it gives the user more freedom to customize the sound signature on their headset. You can continue playing with audio profiles and equalization using the Xanova Audio 7.1 software. To enable or disable virtual 7.1, you must use the software.

xanova juturna-u

We notice that more and more gaming headset manufacturers are taking microphone performance more seriously. Previously, it was a given that the microphone on a gaming headset will be average or below average. However, better microphones are now being added, even in the lower budget segment. The Juturna-U has a brilliant microphone that manages to reproduce voices almost close to standalone microphones like the ModMic 5. It doesn’t try to boost the higher frequencies of your voice, but rather adds some reverb to it. While higher pitched voices are preferred in voice chat, a little bass in the voice feels more natural. The voice quality on the Juturna-U is almost comparable to the HyperX Cloud Alpha and Audeze Mobius we tested last year. So you can rest assured that you are using the microphone for voice chat and even commentary on your live streaming sessions. However, the microphone is not completely flawless. There is some form of interference between the audio signals, so the sound from the ear cups is picked up by the microphone even if they are apart. This means that users on the other end of the voice chat can hear everything you are listening to along with your voice. We suspect that the problem is in the cable itself and it is very possible that this only persists on our test device. Since the audio input and output are on the same cable, there is no way around this problem. Therefore, if there is a chance of this issue occurring, it is a better choice to use separate input and output cables. We will update this review shortly after testing with a different review unit.


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