Xbox Mini Fridge: Everything you need to know and where to buy


The Xbox Mini Fridge shouldn’t exist, but we’re grateful that it does. It’s rare for a joke to result in a genuine product idea in the video game industry, especially when it’s made at a company’s expense. But that’s exactly what happened with the Xbox Mini Fridge, which is now available for purchase.

Xbox Mini Fridge: straight to the point

* What is it? A mini fridge replica of an Xbox Series X

* How much will it cost? $99.99 / £89.99

* When was it released? January 2022

So how did such a seemingly simple idea come about? When the Xbox Series X was revealed to the world – with its imposing, rectangular shape – users on social media quickly compared the console to a refrigerator. Microsoft, to its credit, has embraced memes mocking the appearance of the Xbox Series X, and has even gone so far as to create a giant Xbox Series X fridge.


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