YYDS’ way to God


During the Spring Festival of 2022, a teenager fighting over a computer was led to a strange place by an inexplicable firecracker. A man who claimed to be the Great Demon King told him that he had to defeat all the monsters inside before he could return to his world. This is a casual and simple poke-poke game. The game controls only require 3 buttons, mainly the left and right buttons and the 0 key on the numeric keypad. The game currently has 25 levels and every time you pass a level you can choose an “entry”, through this “entry”, you can get stronger and stronger. With the progress of the game, the power of the monster will get stronger and stronger, you need to choose your “entry” reasonably and better avoid the damage of the monster during the level progress. There are currently 2 characters to choose from in the game, and each character has a different initial ability effect.


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